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Bejeweled & Peggle Combo mobile phone game for HTC TOUCHHD2 to download

Bejeweled & Peggle Combo mobile game Bejeweled & Peggle Combo
Reviews: 4 | Score: 7/10 | Released: 10-11-2012
Download via 'Click-n-Send', if the link doesn't work use the Download button below.
Download by SMS
Using Click-n-Send sends a text message to order the game which will charge five pounds one-off to your phone.
Together at last! Get two popular PopCap Puzzlers Peggle and Bejeweled in one addicting bundle! Want to be a Peggle master? Aim, shoot, clear the orange pegs. Conquer 55 fanciful levels and master 10 Magic Powers while you rack up bonus points and shots you'll smile about for weeks. In Bejeweled, match sparkling gems and make them burst in sh.....
Bejeweled & Peggle Combo mobile game play Bejeweled & Peggle Combo mobile game play

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Download Bejeweled & Peggle Combo game for my HTC TOUCHHD2. To download Bejeweled & Peggle Combo mobile game you will need a HTC TOUCHHD2. The mobile phone game shown here is specifically for the HTC TOUCHHD2 | sitemap